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Cutie Pies will be on hiatus from Sept 30-Oct 11. Earliest delivery for orders placed during that time will be Friday, Oct 13. See you then!

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Brooklyn, NY, 11213
United States


Online shop for handcrafted pies of all sizes and show-stopping holiday effects baked in Brooklyn.


About Cutie Pies NYC's flavors, custom designs and ingredients we substitute in our dairy-free (vegan), gluten-free and sugar-free variations.

About Our Recipes

Cutie Pies offers dairy-free, gluten-free and paleo or sugar-free variations of most of our flavors.

Please note the following substitutions if you have dietary concerns:

Dairy-Free: unless you specify otherwise, our dairy-free variations use coconut milk or crème or nut milks in place of cow's milk, organic vegetable shortening in place of butter and flax in place of eggs.

Gluten-Free: unless you specify otherwise, our gluten-free variations use a blend of oat, millet or quinoa flours plus almond flour, tapioca starch and potato starch in place of wheat flour.

Sugar-Free: unless you specify otherwise, our sugar-free variations use xylitol in place of sugar. Please let us know if you need a paleo/low-carb variation for your dietary needs.

All our crusts are hand rolled-we don't do cookie crumb crusts unless by special request. For paleo/low carb orders, we can do a nut-crumb variation.


Most of our fruit fillings start with a simmer: gorgeous produce and juices combined with organic sugar, cornstarch or tapioca and zest* to create a loaded slurry that ensures clean, even slicing. Also, they're "automatically" dairy- and gluten-free! 

*Ordinarily only our blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb and lemon fillings get the zesty treatment; if you want an extra snap of tartness added to your selection, please make a note under “Special Instructions" during checkout.


Bright Berry: cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, red currant

Forest Berry: blackberry, blueberry, raspberry

We like the flavor of the fruit to speak for itself-however, if you'd like a little extra something, just ask. We'll add herbs, honey instead of sugar, or spirits to almost any flavor. We can also customize a flavor any way you like!


We offer pies in the following sizes:

1.5" Hors D'oeuvre Pies - $48/24 (party orders only-minimum 2 dozen; maximum 96 per order; crumb topping on fruit flavors)

3" Personal Pies - $5 each

5" Conversation Starters - $12 each

9" Party Pies - from $37 each

About Our Designer Effects & Flourishes

The prettier the pie, the yummier! Even if you don't order a designer pie, we take great pains to ensure all our kitchen creations look as good as they taste. If you select "Chef's Choice" from our menu, chances are you'll receive a double-crust delight studded with heart cutouts or a single-crust stunner framed in a crimped or rope edge.

All our pies are handcrafted in a facility that also processes meat, dairy, eggs, wheat and nuts.

Wondering why certain variations are not available? In some cases, we can't make ingredient substitutions without fundamentally changing the nature of the item listed. For instance, graham cookie crust is not available gluten-free because its intrinsic flavor relies on whole wheat flour. But it never hurts to ask: if you're craving something that you don't see on our list, place a custom order and provide as much detail as you can-email a question or call 718.717.8280.